UnExplained Possibilities


 with Host Melvin and co-host Neima Ash

In this podcast Melvin and Neima discuss the Wes Penre material “A Journey through the multiverse” which consists of 5 levels of learning discussing his research on anywhere from the Global Elite to the creation of man.

Melvin and Neima discuss some of the strangest relationships for the month of Love.

In this Podcast Melvin and Neima discuss current events such as the War on Cops, Drugs and the effect of spirituality on mental health.

In this podcast Melvin and Neima Discuss EVP's that were captured in the last Podcast with Bonnie Woodruff. Some sound like typical human noises others sound like a male or female speaking.

In this episode Melvin and Neima discuss the haunted experiences of medium Bonnie Woodruff with some light discussion on Auras and astrology. 

In this episode of Unexplained Possibilities Melvin and Neima discuss the google earth photos of a possible Alien base in the Antarctic and  the idea of Alien disclosure. A brief update on The Pink Moon and Mercury retrograde ending with a peak inside Anthony Peake's book "Opening the Doors of Perception".

Ever heard of Black eye kids? Nope, Neima hadn't either until the paranormal mystery was introduced by Melvin. Listen to these strange stories and ideas and decide for yourself.

Neima's first time on a podcast! In this episode Melvin and Neima discuss the ideas of perception and  the many different types of psychedelics and their profound affect on others as well as Neima herself.

In this episode of unexplained possibilities Melvin and Neima discuss the 7 universal laws. Notes taken from The Kybalion (A study of Hermetic Philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece). 
"The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding" - The Kybalion

Melvin and Neima discuss real Cryptids as well as non-real Cryptids. Cryptids, being monsters that could actually exist, such as the sasquatch, kraken, firebird or devil bird.

Neima and Melvin banter on and discuss Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet. This powerful psychic is known for his trance readings, discussing past-lives of patients and prescribing remedies for their illnesses. 

Introducing the creators of fireandwater astrology, Ashmin and Ali! We join together to discuss the influence of natal charts onto our individual personalities. Ashmin and Ali have created a youtube channel dedicated to discussing astrological influences. check it out @ FireandWaterAstrology youtube channel.

Melvin and Neima mention the upcoming Solar Eclipse, some politics and the Charlottesville protest before getting into the intense subject of psychedelic drugs and philosophy. 

In this episode, Unexplained Possibilities talk about the possibility of multiple realities, and the development of consciousness and how morality falls into place.

Rose, Melvin and Neima discuss the different beliefs attached to Afterlife.