Chaotic Mind 4

I believe the reduction in my medication is the cause of my writing this entry today. I found myself getting frustrated and irritable quite a bit, due to too much activity and meaningless conversation. I caught myself rubbing my forehead continuously, I knew I was feeling pain even though my medication was not allowing me to feel all of it. The past 3 months my dreams consist of chewing gum getting stuck in my teeth, I keep pulling and pulling and huge chunks of gum come out but never all of it. In a few of these dreams my teeth and gums come out with the gum. I wake up frustrated at the repetition of this dream. What I can gather from this is that it is saying I am fearful to the loss of my means. When losing my means could lead to a better more satisfying life. This could be true in multiple aspects. Perhaps concerning my medication and also trying to build a business and grow a website. The loss of teeth could also be related to a fear of aging. Which in that case could also makes sense because of my approaching birthday, however I do not fear age, but I do fear age in a connection with success. Rightfully so, this fear is minimal to the fear of losing means of life, because that is indeed how I survive.