fear-based/loving mindset

I haven't been feeling poetic lately however there is something important I would like to discuss. The topic of transferring over from a fear-based reality into a loving mindset. I believe it is difficult for some people to understand this. The best way to explain this, is the idea of confidence . What is confidence? Confidence is believing in your self, your being. Its accepting yourself for what you are...as if there was something that was capable of not being accepted. Confidence is the knowledge of rejection and the willingness to not depend on it.  You would not have much confidence if you were to lean on the rejection of your peers. So what if there was something much larger then confidence. Something that erases the knowledge of rejection... because rejection in itself is a fearful state. Confidence is pointless without the fear of rejection. A loving mindset does not care, and not in a sense that not caring is heart-less but it is heart full. It consumes the heart, the heart knows nothing else, including the ignorance of rejection. I believe people must learn to listen, suspending the idea of judgement.