Synchronistic Knowing Part 2

I have had some events happen that seem to line up with my synchronistic knowing lately so I have decided to add these in as a second part. To begin I will say that I went through a few months of an intense battle. I felt I was being tested, or putting myself through a test, to see if I would allow myself to fall victim to the same circumstances of my past. Of course, I did not realize this until after the situation was over. During this learning period, I had the chance to go to Cancun, Mexico. Oddly enough this was the only flight available given the efficiency of price and time. My mate and I had planned to stay for almost a week and after the first day we decided to do a tour and explore a bit.  The Chichen Itza ziggurat were available for the next morning, a lovely "coincidence". As we went on the trip I became amazed at the history of these Mayan ruins. I was introduced to the Kukulkan (feathered snake god) who is depicted as a vision serpent entwined around the figures of nobles, a messenger between the king and the gods. Before visiting the ziggurat, I had gotten my "Mayan birth certificate" which stated my astrological sign as that of a serpent. Although I enjoyed the symbolism of the snake I will state the horoscope was terribly off along with major spelling errors in the translation. Upon getting back to the U.S. I decided to visit my mother, in which she had insisted on going to the book store. The first and only book I was drawn to was Ancient Wisdom  by Annie Besant written in 1897. A classic introduction to theosophy. I became instantly intrigued and it was simply a book I did not want to put down until I had finished reading it. All these events leading up to the Full moon of March 12th. Earlier in the day my roommate had mentioned in a questioning manner if it was a full moon. I quickly checked my moon app to confirm. Ironically I had decided just a day before to spoil myself at a local mineral and crystal shop. This one I had never been to before and as I walked in I was amazed at the content, I probably could have wondered around for hours. Per usual I decided to just casually look around and see if anything caught my eye. Sure enough I happened to keep glancing at a skull of pink color, it looked like it was dirty or almost bruised. I asked the associate the name of the mineral in which it was carved out of and he said pink hemimorphite. When I looked up the healing properties the instant definition stated it facilitates with communication and self-expression, 2nd definition stated it aids communication with guides. There was that word communication again, so I decided to bring the skull home with me. I meditated for a few hours in the moonlight with my skull manifesting my future of visions and communication, envisioning my friend the serpent entwined around me giving me knowledge, frozen awaiting those who glance and question.