Thankful Distance

Today I should be saying thanks. However, sour thoughts are in my mind and there is a strange sadness that lingers in my heart. I think of bitterness, loneliness and  distance. Bitterness that prevents people from communicating with one another. We walk on eggshells around the ones that we hold dearest, desiring their acceptance and peace. Yet, our mouths stay shut. Who will make the first move towards forgiveness? Who will choose the warm embrace? setting aside the angry face. These negative attributes are pointless when time is up and death is near. Yet while we live we hold on to the things that keep us apart. We take comments all to personal and dwell on the  misconceptions only to walk away with a bitter smile, adding it to our fictional lists of why we despise so and so. To hold on another year until we face them again. To love, To hug with tears in our eyes, our guard let down where forgiveness resides. Hard times of so called holiday cheer. Underneath our thick skin is absolute fear. fear to love fear to be vulnerable, fear to be one with what we see.