Synchronistic Knowing Part 3

Another great transition has presented itself for the new year. I have came to the decision to pursue the breakthrough into a new dawn.

As I browse the many possibilities of places to live I come across this particular 2bed 31/2 bath and instantly a memory of a dream I had almost 6 months comes back to me. This particular dream consisted of a place that looked oddly similar to the place I was viewing now. There was a few people in this dream but two that stood out.  One of which was a girl with much class to her appearance. This lady was proceeding to kick out another female who I felt was me. This one having raggedy hair and being the perfect example of a mess. Losing her key to get in, intoxicated and not paid on her half of the rent. I started to think why this dream had come back now and what was its meaning. Soon I came to the realization that both these women were me and I had been kicking out my own misery. 

I filed this experience away and applied for the place. The days continued and I became more and more excited to move into my own space.  Ideas of my creation room where I can spend my days painting, writing, reading and sharing my knowledge flooded my mind. Finally! I can embrace my joy. I can plunge forward into my dreamy reality. Waiting has come to an end and I am now ready to begin again. 

As the week progresses I felt the presence of a friend soon to arrive. The next day the feeling magnified and I had  a urge to text which I instantly denied Later that night my friend arrives and so the intellectual/spiritual conversation begins. 

We discuss many things including the progress of my writings and website. I cherish our connection and his advice. I say I do not possess the confidence required to connect my poetic thoughts with the face I wear. He agrees and says that’s what I need.This reminds me of a previous reading in which I was told I possess gifts I don’t acknowledge and am deciding what path I want to take with them. Immediately I know why I have this lingering insecurity.

 My reputation having been brutally tainted a crimson red from my naive adolescence, displayed for the world to see and judged accordingly. 

To have all your flaws laid out for everyone could be detrimental However after my death, I became free. Alas there is beauty in tragedy. Forged out of fire, the shading of one’s skin, the ultimate phoenix. 

A day later I awake from a frightful dream which is a combination of past fears and too much television. I walk to the back screen door to water my plants and as I open the door I see a perfectly untouched dead sparrow lying before my feet. I grab a bag to dispose of the poor creature and think about the oddness. My roommate had opened the same screen door earlier that morning and this bird was not there. Only when I had awoken and opened it was it there laid out for me. Never in the 7 months I had been here had I seen such a thing. Omen my mind says, Omen! Omen! I quickly look up what this could possibly mean. Results are as such. To see a dead bird is a message that what I had been dealing with is now dead and behind me. I am now ready to move forward with a opportunity that I had been ignoring. 

So there we have it! Out with thee old and in with new! We press onward!