ChaoticMind 2

I'm in a car driving down a bridge in Vancouver, Canada and instantly I remember. The memory of a dream I had six months ago of the place I am now viewing. Everything pours into my senses, I've been here before. The buildings standing so tall and oh how the lights shine in the night sky. This is nothing I've ever seen in the states and nothing I could possibly imagine. But thats just it! I have before, or else I wouldn't remember. The mountains clashing with the city and the beautiful bridge we've just crossed is a vivid memory of what I once dreamt. Why? So that beautiful dream is this beautiful place and I am here now. Currently living what I had dreamt so long ago. but why? Why has my brain decided to remember this dream upon arriving? and does it have meaning? Do I need to do something here? Or is this meaningless information? It can't be, I've had precognitive dreams but never a place that 6 months later I arrive at. 

I let this process to the back of my mind and replay it each day I am in this astounding location. I continue my day and try to watch the people passing in front of me without being noticed. I focus on their upper right shoulder and their back as they pass by, this is usually were I see their glow. Auras on their right shoulder when they talk about a strong passion or interest they are excited about. I watch for anything exciting but find nothing. 

We arrive at Stanley Park and decide to do a hike close by the ocean. As we walk through the woods crushing colorful leaves under our feet I look around for mushrooms growing from trees. I find nothing, and as the walk continues I begin to notice the sky moving. This is not like watching clouds move or the sun set. The sky vibrates leading straight up. It almost appears to be breaking up into little bits and crawling upward. I ask my friend if he see's what I see, and the answer is no. I've always been a bit to scared to ask if others see that too but today I had enough curiosity and courage to question it.

Later on as I lay in bed I can't help but notice the air/energy moving every way in the room. Usually in the dark this prevents me from sleeping because I cannot keep my eyes off it. But tonight there is no need for darkness it moves dimly about with the lights on.

I left this place with a few poems and no answers.