Synchronistic Knowing Part 1

Below is a script dedicated to my personal synchronistic knowing, which helped me appropriately identify my self in this reality.

I had dreamt I was in a dimly lit library study with a few rooms branching off from the main room. Books lined the walls from floor to ceiling. I was around 5-7 years of age with a sense of innocence and eagerness to grasp the knowledge around me. In the corner a man who seemed to be in charge of the library, sat and worked quietly occasionally glancing back to check on me. A handful of snakes moved freely amongst the books. There was a few other people studying independently at their desks. As I sat around playing as a child,  I became frightened of the snakes. I would instantly react by cutting any that would approach me. The third time I made eye contact with a snake, it lunged at me, biting my hand.  I slammed a door on the snake instantly killing the creature. Noticing the commotion of what had just took place, the man in charge seemed frustrated and upset that I had killed the snake. He pulled me aside and asked me why I  had killed it. I apologized and explained that I was frightened so I harmed it. We both knew it was because I did not possess the knowledge of how to handle and care for the creature. He proceeded to tell me ‘you have no knowledge of how to care for the snake, I guess you don’t know much at all” breaking out in a counseling smirk as I smiled and admitted I didn’t know much at all. 


Later that morning after waking up after this vivid dream I finished reading a chapter in Dolores Cannon's book, The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge. Dolores is a hypnotherapist who specializes in past life regression, and has been practicing in this field for thirty plus years. In this session, the patient was a energy worker and made rods for the people in her community. The healing energy was channeled into the rods and thus used by the people to heal the sick.

The patients lesson was that her own healing energy in this life-time was coming back, and as she stretched into other dimensional planes she will automatically gain more control over her abilities. She will come to a certain state of organic knowing. This knowing and information will just be present and as she comes to accept who and what she is, more knowledge will come with that. Allowing her to embrace her energy of knowledge and healing. 

After finishing this story I went on my instagram only to notice a meme with the symbol of a hospital, it was a man holding the staff of Caduceus against the grim ripper. Located beneath the meme was a comment stating the symbol was incorrect. Out of curiosity I wanted to know the meaning of the symbol that was displayed on hospitals everywhere. After doing research I found that the Caduceus was the symbol for Hermes, Messenger of the gods, Inventor of magical incantations, Conductor of the dead and Protector of merchants and thieves.

However the staff of Asclepius taken from greek mythology is described as the personification of medical or healing art and its ideals consists of a single serpent encircling a staff which was a classically hewn knotty tree limb. Representing the healing god of Ningishita.

Later I went on to read. the biblical confusion:

And the Lord said unto him (moses), what is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod. And he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent: and Moses fled from before it. And the Lord said unto Moses. Put forth thine hand, and take it by the tail, And he put forth his hand and caught it and it became a rod in his hand. Exodus 4: 2-4

And the Lord said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten (by a serpent), when he Looketh upon it shall live.

So I few weeks after this I am lead to my symbol book which opens up to the Caduceus. Representing both qualities of Hermes and Mercury. Mercury is my identifying planet. Entwined by two serpents, the Caduceus is sometimes surmounted by wings.  Carried in the left had of the god Mercury. Which brings to mind, not sure if this was before or after the reading of these words, was the conversation I had yesterday with my mate. He asked if I was odexious meaning to use both hands. I said mainly I use my left hand. Well The story goes on to read Hermes and Mercury were both messengers of the gods. Mercury was the divine guide and protector of merchants, shepards, gamblers, liars and thieves.  Hermes was a god who guided souls to the underworld, but he was also a god of magic, merchants, boundaries, and journeys. It goes on to read that many greek philosophers believed that Hermes developed from the Egyptian god Thoth. In which My spirit sister said I kept drawing his symbols earlier in the week. Then the other day I was at the store and saw letters for sell. These letters were put in a order such as THOTB, it instantly caught my eye and I said Thoth. There was a extra T just above the B, a few minutes later I went back to the spelling and changed it to Thoth. Thoth was also a god of magic, communication, astrology, Philosophy, knowledge, astronomy and science. Why just the other day after having a rewarding conversation with my mate about his troubles involving communication with siblings. I couldn’t stop thinking that is one of my gifts, communication, communication. The Caduceus symbolizes harmonious agreement and peace. Language and communication. While continuing my research and recording my findings of relativity, tarot symbolism came to mind. Low and behold! Tarot was believed to be derived from the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth. Tarot, meaning royal road of life. 

Long story long,

This synchronicity has helped me identify my calling and how I identify my self in this world.  The snake represents knowledge, transformation and healing as every synchronistic experience mentioned above also represents. I shall live and I shall communicate knowledge given to me from within. Being a messenger from the higher dimensions I will help heal with words. As If I am the snake and you looketh upon me, as I bite, I infuse your blood with knowledge so that you may live in your own knowing. Because I can only show you what you already know, therefore this knowledge is inside you, you just need to seek it out. I am only a vessel in which you find yourself