First lie

there once was a girl trapped in her mind

Illusion within illusion, she lost herself

Came into this world as a glimmer of light

A light that was quickly dimmed

This was the first lie she ever believed

Undoubtedly, this became her reality

The truth was lost

Though she smiles and seems to push through.

She has believed the greatest lie that could harm her self

She asks why, why, why, why am I stuck here

Why am I trapped?

She has created the cage she is in

She refuses to look inside

looking inside would set her free

It scares her, because it is her, and others don't agree

Don't you see, you are a seed.

When all is forgotten, we seem to stop looking for truth.

We see it, we ignore it, and push it away.

We were taught not to believe in ourselves this way

Dark and fearful

The rejection makes you weak

lie after lie

we create our own web and so we weep

In every behavior and every desire, what do you seek?

you have lost sight

You are light